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Cultural Law

November 28, 2010

Cultural law
What has our culture brought us to today? I want to enter a subject today that really determines the outcome of your life. Are you interested? Your rules, your cultural rules, or God’s rules. What are you living under and what will they do for you?
Every year that goes by, hour by hour, day by day week by week, generation by generation, following father after father, or no father at all.We have all built a certain character out in our lives, ones own character.
I believe I was poisoned by cultural law. You can call it poison, a disease, or an infiltration of the devils spirit. I have found ways to remove that spirit, But that’s not really what I am trying to write about.
I want you to understand, you have brought yourself to a place of living, a standard which governs, not only your attitude in life, but the outcome of your life.
Each and every one of us has slipped into a so called place of living, our own place of living, brought about by our own doing. Doing what we do every day. what is it doing for you, your wife, your son, your best friend, your mother, father, or just that person that happens by, in your life as you live it?
Are you letting cultural law be your instruction manual for life? Have you even entered the thought of what is governing your life, standards, and the outcome of your life?
What will become of people who follow the culture of today?
I want you to hear this upcoming story, and relate it to what I have just written about.

The Poisoned Son
One day there was a boy that could barely crawl. He really had no Idea of life’s true meaning, life’s danger, what was safe, or not. he came upon some poison, I won’t even say what it was, lets say we all have seen it, been around it, and are, in danger from it. He consumed that poison, and his father found him near the poison and called the doctor. The doctor said what ever you do, Don’t let him fall asleep.He will get severe brain damage and quite likely not recover from it if he falls asleep. And get him here immediately. The father put him in the car. Driving to the emergency room, He saw his son falling asleep. He started to slap him in the face, to keep him from falling asleep. To awaken him He said you must stay awake. Please stay awake, don’t fall asleep in the poison you have consumed.

Is it right for the father to slap him to keep him awake? are people being slapped all around you as we speak? what poison have they consumed?
I just heard on the radio- apathy, the opposite of love is you don’t care. Do you care?
Are you eating the poisons of our culture? and letting them control your life?
Have you ever thought what following a righteous life brings you?
Keep this #l For a team Prayer – We look up to you Lord and know that if we are righteous, pure, and follow your laws, you will see fit to give us Glory in what we do.


Pure Marketing

October 3, 2010

What an about face this business brings you

Pure Marketing
Ever been doing something for a while, when the light bulb comes on, and then a new value has been given to the subject you are about?
Who knows when we do things right, the outcome is much smoother in life?
I want you to think differently for a moment about what you do. But it will be like anything else we learn, we have to be open minded. I was told once that there is a number of suppressed technologies out there, one of them was creating light without wire. Now we have radio, TV, why not electricity? If you think of an idea there is a possibility it will work. It has been said, meditate on it and it will come.
What does about face mean? Turn directly around 180 degrees. In the job specter we have been taught to get a job with 1 person at the top, we do our job for him, and him alone.Is that a selfish mind set on his part?

Step out, and think about that situation.
New thought, what would happen If  we put a team together and split up the output, output meaning, learning, cash, value, joy, friendship… Stop, now I have just shown you 2 different scenarios, one boss who collects most, in some cases over 75%, and does that one boss gives you a better value than the team approach? Can you see your receiving more from the team than from the one boss scenario?
Simple but True

Here comes that statement again, when we do things right, the outcome is much smoother in life.
You can call it smoother, friendlier, more valuable, smarter, with all this happier too right?
The key here is we have to follow the right standards, the right laws. Whose standards are you following? Your bosses? Last time I knew you had a choice, right? Somewhere, the fork in the road, to the share of the pie, has diverted many to a different value of thinking. Now we have a chance to change that value. I vote we call this Pure Marketing, marketing for the team, not for someone who takes the credit, cash, and who knows what other value from us.
I Know I want to be part of a team with pure standards, Its time for people to stand up 2b2b, following the right principles and values that can bring the team forward. We are talking about a pure brand that uplifts people the right way, giving people a new brand with emotion, curiosity, love for others, joy discipline, Team focus, a vision statement. Standards. Some people are afraid to say it, God’s standards.
Now this may not be an easy road, there will be obstructions. It has been said, and I think we should have faith to believe it, that for every negative there is an equally strong or stronger positive.
A large task always starts with the first step, with a vision standard ahead of it. I believe the team promotes the value of the team, and the outcome of it,

I am working on a team, does any body want to join a team of such standards?
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-Brian Stiehl  I believe teamwork with emotion can be of great advantage to the community. We need to work together to help the community get through this valley. I saw on Anthony Bordeau a community bringing in the nets of fish working together for their livelihood and their community, what a picture. People need to understand its not just about one individual.