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Inspirational Life

November 7, 2010

Inspirational life
Every day the sun comes up we are more inspired to live an inspirational life. Cloudy rainy days seem to go the other direction. Light of life. What do we learn from a light day dark day combination as we go through life? Learning thinking is all about improving on life as we know it. Sayings, Quotes, and thinking creative is what we need. Simple happenings like a cloudy day or a sunny day have a definite effect on how we decide, so why don’t we add to it?. Perception is what gets us there or holds us back. We do not have control over sunny or dark days, but we can have control over our perception.
Recognition contribution, is quite a self explained statement in itself. Our sub conscience mind is constantly making decisions for us all the day through. Although simple things like cloudy and sunny can affect our decisions, that doesn’t mean we won’t take a walk on a cloudy day. Depending on our past, whether we had a great turkey dinner one year, or we were shipwrecked the next, we had a good long relationship, or a bad short one. Each and every experience with emotion has great influence on our decision making. The point is that decision making is determined by what we have programmed into our sub conscience mind. Thus goes the saying of garbage in garbage out.

Whether a child had a father that took his family down to the ice cream shop for a Sunday or not, can obviously affect culture and it surroundings. the child that didn’t go to the ice cream shop is just a very small example of experiences we have in life. Crashes, Jobs, thefts, broken bones, and feelings, all very negative contributions to our life. Negative thoughts is a disease of darkness within us, with many in denial of self controlled destiny. How are you responding to what is going on around you? Is rain a torturing misery or a soothing peace, within the emotion your feeling? Where is your trail leading you? What are your non verbals that are affecting others?( smile, expression, compassion for others) I believe Life is all about the inbetweens. How we feel inbetweeen our surroundings? Is ice freezing the locks in your life, or do you have warm waters of influence?

The biggest problem is that we didn’t have enough positive things happen next to that negative contribution to over come them. Many people out there (WHO?) are not adding to their life, period. They just take life as it comes, day after day. I’m sure you have heard this one. Go to work come home eat supper watch TV go to bed lifestyle, who’s fault is that?

Now that we are where we are, How do we over come those limiting thoughts that are holding us back? We need to seek out that positive and add it to our lives.

I believe in repetitive sayings and quotes, because they have changed my life living attitude , and I truly believe they can change yours. Some people listen and change, others don’t and stay the same, stay the same, stay the same. Get the point? A woodpecker has a strong deliberate action to accomplish his task to get bugs for food. You need one also. Here are three quotes I believe to be true, that were a big part to helping me overcome limiting thinking, and gave me an awesome enjoyable attitude and peace of mind. Repeat them at least every morning. or stay the same , stay the same. its your choice. work at it with emotion.

1-Why striving to live affirmatively, looking for the good in life and glorifying it, I bring glory.

2- As I said all last week, I want you to PROMISE to not get distracted with life’s incessant problems, fears and doubts… but rather, remain focused on the beauty of your dreams. That is the source of tremendous personal power.

3- Realizing that the good feeling of getting it done is much better than the dread of not doing or not getting it done.

Blessings to you- Brian Stiehl