Brian Stiehl here, (pronounced- steel) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am married, My wife, Grandfather, father, and son (Son The Eagle Scout) have been a great inspiration for me, on my trail of life so far.

My life from 18 years as an Auto Mechanic, to one year of Service Advisor work, to 4 years of Auto AC installation, to 11 years of Residential Heating and Cooling- HVAC. On the way through all of that, I enjoyed Home Study on Self Improvement, a few MLM companies, slowly educating myself on how I respond to what goes on in my life, and how I respond in decision making.

While being in several mlm companies did not bring me monetary success at the time, Playing Follow the Leader and soaking up knowledge from several leaders in the industry was a Great personal gain for me. As usual putting God first with the Bible, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Les Giblin, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Wilferd Peterson, Ken Canfield, Dale Carnegie, Dani Johnson, and more, I realize now that enjoying what they had to offer, was part of my education that brought me on the trail to where I am today.

I have come to a state of mind, where, I am enjoying the feeling, like many others, of leaders sharing knowledge.

I believe, and have experienced, that if we are righteous and pure, and follow Gods Laws, God will see fit to give us Glory to prosper in what we do. I have had the passion of strengthening peoples environments, by the use of this blog for many years now. My hope is this blog will strengthen your environment.

For many years I fought with the thought of contentment. I just did not feel right about cars, houses, or money being a goal for myself. I kept reaching for the something more that I could have as a goal, that would not have a limit, something of great value.

In mid 2010, I came to the realization, I wanted to help people as a team grow and become of better value to those around them. So that’s what this blog is about. Improving people Individually and as a team, whether it be on self improvement or wealth improvement. Seeing results of helping someone on their journey in life, I have found as a substantial gain, for me personally. My wish and passion is for you to find it here.

Using marketing strategies, self improvement, stopping the limited thinking, Many times discovering that life’s happenings and problems, are not stop signs, just guidelines for our lives.


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