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Prayer freedom of choice

December 30, 2012

Prayer with freedom of choice.

Our father thank you for the birth of Jesus

in us, the purity, honor ,beauty, glory,

joy, boldness, truth and so much more you

give to us. When we seek your word and

reach into it by our choice, we can receive

an ongoing peace of righteousness.

The seed of ongoing righteousness grows

into peace and love for you.

“You have loved righteousness and hated

wickedness; therefore God, your God, has

set you above your companions by anointing

you with the oil of joy.” Heb. 1:9
   I pray for this family and those around

us, so that they might see what we can be

as a result of who you are to us.

Anoint and pray calling upon the Lord to

set you free, Isaiah 10:27 tells us that

the yoke, a symbol of the bondage and

oppression of our enemies, will be

destroyed because of the anointing oil.
I pray that we can put the chains of fear,

procrastination, doubt, jealousy,

compromise, and other chains, that do not

bring life, put them aside, remove them

from our death side of life. We do this for

the life you have meant to give us. That

oil of joy, spoken of in Hebrews 1:9

For you deserve much praise for what you

have given-
         In Jesus name AMEN.