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What Life Is

May 7, 2011

What life is

I love being a part of Gods world,

God so loved the world he gave his only son.

God did not give us the power of fear, but of love, power
and a sound mind.

Doubt is a part of fear, so he did not give us that.
Some say doubt is actually a sin, If God did not give it to
us, it certainly meets that criteria.

God made all things beautiful.

Are you seeing the beauty in everything God gave you?

You can make things beautiful in your eyes, you have a
choice to see what you want to see.

Are you an environment Builder or Destroyer?

who makes the number 13 more beautiful than the number 7?

Who creates value or gives value to anything?

Why I choose to follow things that have life?

Meditate on that

Its time to realize we build our own life, exactly like a
gardener builds a flower garden, it happens to be one of the
laws of nature we all need to take time to see.

God gave us a choice for a reason- to follow life,for the
love of life, not death.

God wants us to have life.

When thoughts come to you, do you even decide whether they
are life or death thoughts?

or do you ponder and meditate on them just because they are
on your mind.